For many years pianist Brian Ganz has made it his mission to join vivid music making with warmth and intimacy onstage to produce a new kind of listening experience, in which the classics of composers from Chopin to Shostakovich come to life with authentic emotional power. As one of Belgium's leading newspapers, La Libre Belgique, once put it, "We don't have the words to speak of this fabulous musician who lives music with a generous urgency and brings his public into a state of intense joy."

Brian often takes his listeners behind the scenes by discussing the places he plays in a manner accessible to all. He also frequently invites questions and comments from his listeners and even reads the occasional poem from stage to highlight and enhance an aspect of the music at hand. The result is not so much a performance but rather a shared journey in the spirit of the lovely words Beethoven inscribed in his Missa Solemnis: "From the heart to the heart".

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Recently I had the privilege of visiting Poland, the homeland of Chopin, for the very first time. I knew that Chopin was a national treasure, but had not known that he is THE national treasure. There are pictures of him everywhere, sometimes with no caption of any kind. He is truly the spirit of his country. The trip was very moving to me, and intensified my connection to the man and his music. On January 22 I began my quest to perform his complete works.

I hope to see you soon at an upcoming performance!